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Howling Fjord - Time-lapse Walkthrough 4K

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This is the full time-lapse (around 8 minutes) for my Howling Fjord World of Warcraft inspired painting.

It's a time-lapse of the whole illustration, from start to end, with some written notes explaining what I'm doing and with some tips and tricks.

It's fairly simple - think of it as an "advanced" step by step in video form, in which I pause the video to explain what is happening.

While this was painted in ProCreate on an Ipad, the same techniques apply to Photoshop as well, since I use both softwares in the exact same manner.

To be clear - There is no audio commentary, only written text. There is also no interface, since Procreate only records the canvas space. Most of it is brushwork though, and when I do use layers it's in a simple manner that is explained in the notes!

So, to summarize, this contains a .zip with:

- Full time-lapse (in 4k or 1080p) with written subtitle notes that walk you through what I'm doing in the painting. (around 8 min.)
- My Procreate Brushes
- My Photoshop Brushes
- High-resolution Image

I hope you find it useful!
If you have any questions or feedback, you can e-mail me -!

Thank you!

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Howling Fjord - Time-lapse Walkthrough 4K

14 ratings
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